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This page is for current members to sign up for weekly club practices, matches and polo school lessons. If you would like to sign up, use the sign up link at the bottom of the page.

January 13 - March 31

Tuesdays: I/I practices
Fridays: I/I practices
Saturdays: Junior polo/Club matches/Coaching Chukkers
Sundays: Club matches/Coaching Chukkers

Friday, February 23

5pm Southeast Interscholastic Open Regionals Tournament

Aiken White vs Bluewater Creek Polo School

7pm Interscholastic match 

ARPC vs Bluewater Creek Middle School

Saturday, February 24

12pm Southeast Interscholastic Open Regionals Tournament

Bluewater Creek vs West Shore

2pm Southeast Interscholastic Open Regionals Tournament

Maryland vs Winner from Friday's match

Sunday, February 25

10am Southeast Interscholastic Open Regionals Tournament

Consolation Match

12pm Southeast Interscholastic Open Regionals Tournament

Finals Match

2:30 pm Club Match/Coaching Chukkers

Membership Options

Arena membership~$1000 unlimited matches

By the chukker~$25 per chukker

(Membership includes greens fees only. Horse lease, tournament fees & lessons are not included)

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